Gosia Banka

Gosia Banka


Warsaw, Poland

Born in late 80's in Warsaw, Poland.

Graduate of Academy of Photography in Warsaw A.D. 2014.
MA in Asian Studies and Diplomacy in Collegium Civitas in Warsaw. AD 2012.
Also a musician: vocalist and guitarist.

As Paul Theroux wrote in one of his books, traveling is one of the saddest pleasures in life. Besides music and designing, that's what I do and what keeps me alive.

I focus on photographing the reality I do not know, that I haven't experienced in my daily life in Poland.

I capture what happens around me, what makes me itch, what makes me think.

When portraying, I try to catch moments when people gaze out for a second, while they are the most honest themselves, without any posing.

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Cheshme man – my eyes in Iran at Stacja Muranów, Warsaw, Poland
Cheshme man – my eyes in Iran at Festival Miasto Gwiazd in Flax Museum, Żyrardów, Poland
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